Hi! I'm 23Sonics!

I'm a huge wannabe Linux main - that's to say I wish I could be using it on my main laptop right now, instead of Windows, while guaranteeing that everything that I want to do can be done.
Meanwhile, I'm running only Fedora Linux on a secondary laptop, which I like to call "the funny laptop." I once spent a whole day using only the funny laptop in place of the main laptop, with decent results. You can find a dedicated page in the navigation area (phone users may need to tap the menu icon first).

I also play video games too much. In particular, I'm a fan of Tetris, Puyo Puyo and CookieRun. You are very likely to see the latter two franchises represented in my profile pictures across the web but despite this I don't always find myself talking about them, especially on the fediverse.

Speaking of the fediverse, I've been there since 30th December 2019, and fron then until early 2024 I've jumped between four Mastodon instances; the first three were general purpose vanilla instances (including everyone's favourite starting point, mastodon.social), but I deleted my first two accounts. I currently reside on wetdry.world, to which I moved on 20th January 2024.

Also, between 2018 and 2020, I worked with the C# programming language as a hobby, which led to the development of Windows MAN, some kind of documentation system for Windows only, though by no means an attempt to revolutionise. Feel free to check it out, it's also in the navigation area of this website.

This website's footer has links to where I'm at online, plus some fun little 88x31 buttons!
I also have a button of my own - feel free to hotlink it on your own website if you wish.